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Electronic Security Long Range PTZ Thermal Imaging Cameras

Electronic Security Long Range PTZ Thermal Imaging Cameras

Middle range thermal imaging cameras for surveillance

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Product Details

FS-UR195 Middle Range Thermal Camera

* Human detect distance: 4420m

* Human recognize distance: 1080m

* Human identification distance: 540m

* Vehicle detect distance: 11980m

* Vehicle recognize distance: 2970m

* Vehicle identification distance: 1440m


● High resolution uncooled microbolometer infrared focal plane arrays, vox

● 25µm or 17 µm pixel, image quality fine, observe small target more clearly, further detection distance

● High sensitivity, NETD can reach 50mk and frame at 25Hz

● Word originate 30~150mm continuous zooming,can search in a wide range as well as identify target far, not lost target

● Image noise reduction processing, add DDE function; output hot white/ hot black/pseudo color

● Low power consumption, quick start-up, stable performance, image clearly with high uniformity

● RS 485 interface control, analog video signal output

● Simple operation, easy to use and maintain

● Precision casting aluminium alloy shell, sealed and waterproof, nitrogen inside, anti-harsh environment, overlength working lifetime

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