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Cooled Thermal Camera

Thermal cameras with a cooled detector offer some advantages over uncooled thermal cameras. A modern cooled thermal imaging camera has an imaging sensor that is integrated with a cryocooler, which lowers the sensor temperature to cryogenic temperatures. This reduction in sensor temperature is necessary to reduce thermally-induced noise to a level below that of the signal from the scene being imaged.
First, a suitable cryogenic environment is formed by cooling to ensure that the electronic device or system that needs to work at low temperature functions normally, or the sensitivity of the device is improved; second, shielding or reducing heat from the heat Thermal noise from the filter, baffle, and optical system itself of the imaging system.
In general, a cooled thermal camera converts invisible infrared energy emitted by an object into a visible thermal image. The different colors above the thermal image represent the different temperatures of the object being measured.
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