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22KM Long Range Thermal Imaging Camera FS-UR285

22KM Long Range Thermal Imaging Camera FS-UR285

22km long range thermal camera

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Product Details

22km Long Range Thermal Imaging Camera

See through the fog, smoke, dust and other hazardous atmospheres in total darkness


●17µm Uncooled micro bolometer infrared focal plane arrays, 640×512 pixel PAL / NETD at 50mk, easy to find objects

●Standard RS485 analog signal

Thunder proof: 2000v

● Special compensation circuits: No need of TEC, low power consumption

● DDE technology: easy to find hidden objects

● Special Image processing technology: flat image with no noise, 10 pseudo color and 2 formats: hot black/hot white

● Start quickly: 2s driving time

● Power Supply: DC12V

● Power consumption:≤8W

● High aluminum alloy shell: with nitrogen inside; can work under harsh environment

● 275MM Lens

● 25HZ Thermal

Main Use:

● Frontier and coast defense, Military/Police, Border defense

● Oilfields, Railways, Airports, Harbors, Fireproofing, Large areas real-time monitoring

Technical Indicators:

Effecting Distance

Detecting distance:22KM for vehicles(2.3×2.3m), 7.7 KM for people(1.8×0.5m)  ;

Recognize distance:5.5 KM for vehicle;1.92km for people

Identify distance:2.75 KM for vehicle;0.96 km for people


1. fourth generation of uncooled focal plane infrared detector;

2. resolution at 640×512 pixels; 

3. spectrum range 8~14μm; 

4. NETD 50mk


1. Focal length:275mm ;

2. FOV: 2.3°(HFOV)×1.8° (VFOV)  0.06mrad GE or Zn-Se material;

Image Process

1. Built-in correcting circuits, no need of TEC; working temperature  -40~+65℃,good  picture uniformity

2. Dynamic Detail Enhancer(DDE)

3. 10 pseudo color and hot black/hot white formats

4. Automatic Gain Control(AGC) technology

5. 2x digital magnification


1. RS485(PELCO D protocol, Baud rate 2400bps/s)

2. OSD menu

3. PAL/NTSC video output

4. DC12V 

5. waterproof navigation outlet

Size and Weight

weight: ≤8Kg


1. aluminum shell, 99.999% nitrogen inside

2.working temperature: -25℃~+55℃ temperature: -40℃~+65℃

4. IP66

5. power consumption: 8w(normal)

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