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Thermal Camera

The thermal camera uses an infrared detector and an optical imaging objective to receive the infrared radiation energy distribution pattern of the target to be reflected on the photosensitive element of the infrared detector, thereby obtaining an infrared thermal image.
This thermal image corresponds to the thermal distribution field on the surface of the object. In general, a thermal camera converts invisible infrared energy emitted by an object into a visible thermal image. The different colors above the thermal image represent the different temperatures of the object being measured.
Full color screen displaying crisp and clear thermal images in thermal or visible light view. Including emissivity and reflected temperature values to ensure your readings are accurate no matter the application.
Integrated SD card with a massive memory which easily transfers files over via the provided USB cable in JPG format. Used for Firefighting, Home, Industrial, Crime, Medical, Manufacturing, Engineering and more.
A unique feature enabling the user to optimize the positioning of normal images with thermal images, creating a perfect fusion between the two, providing stunning detail to help you identify problem areas easier.
With the proficiency of this field, we are capable to present an extensive range of thermal camera. Foshvision Technology is one of the leading thermal camera manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy product for sale with cheap price from our factory here.
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