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Wisdom City Industry Development Policy Support Key Points
- Apr 06, 2017 -

Security industry and public safety are closely linked, precisely because of its particular nature, future development of the security industry to a large extent depend on the attitude of the Government. My Government is in the process of building a harmonious society promoted by the safe city, 3111 pilot project, strengthening the police with science and technology and other large projects, show that the will of the Government is the main driving force of the development of security industry in China. Especially in recent years as the State's focus on public safety and security industry continues to face significant policy positive.

For example State and the about ministries gradually released has series important of policy planning and guide views, as national new town of planning (2014-2020), and on promote wisdom city health development of guide views, and China manufacturing 2025 action programme of, and advance Internet + Action views, and on issued promote big data development action platform for of notification, and on speed up building mass venture peoples innovation support platform of guide views,. These measures not only point out the direction for the development of China's security industry, and specifically related to security policy, technological innovation, market applications, as well as innovating the social security prevention and control system and many other content.

With safe city project and the Ministry of public security in recent years the rapid progress of information technology, urban video surveillance market in China to maintain a good growth. Video surveillance numbers per thousand people, at present China's highest camera density of Beijing, camera number 59 per thousand people, which is about the national average of 80%, 60% of the United States. In 2015, the NDRC 9 ministries jointly issued the Declaration on strengthening the construction of public security video surveillance networking applications work the opinions put forward by 2020 focused on coverage of video surveillance in public areas at 100%, building, rebuilding HD camcorder at 100%, vital parts in the field of video surveillance coverage in key industries 100%, while progressively increasing the number of HD camcorder, renovation.

In 2016, the wisdom of urban construction has entered a new, rising enthusiasm around the building. Currently, China has announced has three batch wisdom City pilot, amounted to 290 a city, combs around Government work report and "Thirteen-Five" planning also found, as June 2016, China 95% of deputy provincial city, and 76% of to level city, are in Government work report or "Thirteen-Five" planning in the clear proposed, or is construction wisdom city, is expected to to 2017 China started wisdom city construction and building wisdom city of city number will is expected to over 500 a.

On November 29, the NDRC issued the notice of the new smarter cities assessment, must thoroughly implement the "Thirteen-Five" program put forward tasks for building a new model of smart city, pragmatic and promote the new wisdom of the healthy and orderly development of the city. Intellect security as part of the smart city, under construction design fields, is expected to grow rapidly. In the notice of public safety video collection and coverage, video surveillance of public safety resource networking and sharing, public security, social management and video capability as important indicators of smart city development.

In addition, PPP projects step by step to smart city development also play a role in boosting. Finance in October, 20 departments jointly announced a third batch of Government work and social capital (PPP) demonstration projects project number 516, plans a total investment amount of 1.1708 trillion yuan. Third batch of demonstration projects are mostly incremental projects, which will bring greater investment, the first two items amount to 180 billion yuan, 658.9 billion yuan and projects account for a large proportion of the stock. Treasury says the filter selection of social capital by law, encouraged under the same conditions preference for private capital. Smarter cities, mass transit, environmental protection or it will become the main investment area. Security combined with PPP refers to issues such as peace city, its a massive urban infrastructure construction and security combined with the depth of the PPP also entered the pilot phase. PPP was undoubtedly played a role in boosting Security Enterprise, hikvision, UOB shares continued close co-operation with the local authorities to discuss PPP mode, by means of participation in the safe city, Smart City project to gain experience.

In addition to the large projects, in the security industry niche policy introduced in some countries.

February 6 the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on further strengthening the work of urban planning, construction and management of several opinions issued to promote neighborhood new residence in China, in principle, no longer closed residential construction. Completed residential and units to gradually open the courtyard, internal public, problem solve the traffic network distribution, promote land conservation use. The views of the security industry is presented is a new opportunity, as well as technical challenges. It can be foreseen that monitoring of future residential demand will significantly increase road entrances, public roads, personnel area, away from the area will increase awareness and surveillance equipment will not only monitor the storage function, HD, low bandwidth, intelligent analysis, star-level social security standard. In addition to increased demand for residential security, civilian security also widely popular.

In March, the State Council issued the guidelines on further strengthening the work. That work focuses on protection of cultural relics, by 2020, the Museum further strengthening preventive protection, strengthening the security requires the implementation of cultural relics in peace project, sound heritage building fire and ancient tombs in the ancient cave temples carved anti-theft vandal-resistant installations, make full use of cloud computing, big data, "Internet +" and other modern information technologies, promote the protection of cultural relics and modern technology, integration and innovation.

May, State issued on deepening manufacturing and Internet fusion development of guide views, proposed 2020 years formed a model led effect strong of manufacturing new mode, preliminary formed across territories fusion of manufacturing new ecological, manufacturing digital, and network, and intelligent of made obviously progress, to 2025, manufacturing and Internet fusion development Michael Shang new steps, fusion "double create" system basic complete, fusion development new mode widely universal, new manufacturing system basic formed, Manufacturing competitiveness increased significantly.

June Ministry of public security promulgated the law enforcement of public security organs regulations on the video/audio recording, requires a public security organ for public alarm, questioned on the spot six on-site law enforcement must be video/audio recording, the security enforcement record is a lot of favorable policies.

July, NDRC, Ministry issued advance "Internet +" convenient traffic promote intelligent traffic development of implementation programme, implementation "Internet +" convenient traffic focus model project, to 2018 basic achieved public through mobile interconnected Terminal timely gets traffic dynamic information, handheld completed navigation, and ticket and paid, passenger full "a station type" service, upgrade user travel experience; basic achieved focus urban agglomeration within "traffic a cartoon" interconnected Exchange, focus operating vehicles (ship) "a network joint control" ; Offline to speed up integration backbone of the logistics channel in the country take the lead in realizing "one single"; basic transport infrastructure, vehicles, operation of information such as the Internet, more safe and efficient operation of the system.

In early December, industry and information technology, the State standardization administration of issuing the wisdom family comprehensive standardization system building Guide, the Guide focused on intelligence industry detail and typical application, proposed the concept of wisdom family, focuses on products, technologies, services and other content covered by the three ways of wisdom family. Wisdom family services is presented in the guide of several typical applications such as smart homes, home security, home security through a variety of sensors, cameras, doors, magnetic, card reader devices, access control and other security monitoring equipment to provide residential environmental perception, intrusion alarms, emergency, fire and accident prevention and other security functions and comprehensive service system, increase the security of home life. National comprehensive standards in the field of the family system is gradually building a perfect in wisdom, related to old-age home, smart home and home security products will be further specification in these areas related to video surveillance, intelligent buildings and alarm operation-related companies will find opportunities.

Good policy is important in the development of guidelines need to trade associations and enterprises firmly grasp policy, Government policy guidance, persist in innovation development, the enterprise bigger and stronger!