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Wide Dynamic Range, Low Illumination Technology Development Trend
- Mar 13, 2010 -

Wide dynamic range and low light level stars are currently field both applauded and popular high-end video surveillance technologies, both of which are to a large extent, make up for the shortage of traditional monitoring equipment in the light conditions under the, its very high value decides their future trends.

Technology integrated into the development of power

Currently, with monitoring technology of HD of, and digital, and intelligent of development, to people face retrieved, and three dimensional stereo recognition, and video summary, technology for representative of intelligent analysis technology in HD network camera application in the has basic get using, as in wide dynamic, and low as degrees stars level camera in the implanted intelligent analysis, and through fog, algorithm has became security monitoring of a trend, implanted intelligent algorithm will will to user brings more of practical value. Can achieve not only a 24-hour monitoring, and can detect all moving objects within the perspective, and vehicle classification, output color, rich semantic information such as direction and speed, especially in the light at night is not very satisfactory results improved significantly, will be mass-surveillance video will play an invaluable role in the age of big data.

Other than the intelligence fusion, ultra high resolution but also the development direction. With the increase of pixel, color low illumination effect was worse, this is due to the camera sensor size of requirements, in the case of dimensions have changed a little, more pixels, photosensitive area of the pixel is smaller, the worse low light effect. 1080P resolution-oriented currently star-level cameras, are based on the 1/2 "around the sensor, while mainstream 300W camcorder on the market are based on 1/3" sensor, it will be difficult to get a good low light effect in the night, and 4K higher pixel cameras, sensor size, but also in 1/2 "about low light effect naturally poor. But with the HD IPC 4K mature and H.265 introduction of technologies and applications, high resolution and star-level technology will be the trend, I believe this is an important direction of star-level technology development.

Next, on the use of various high-tech integrated in a machine is the general trend. In addition to Intelligent analysis and 4k, there is technology to transmit in fog, alarm, etc. Different technology makes the device more rich and varied, so its application is more extensive.

Market demand is guaranteed

In recent years, with ping an of China, smart city-building, "along the way" policy of encouragement and "Thirteen-Five plan" proposed "four" build target by 2020, China's monitoring coverage rates will reach 100%. Round-the-clock night-vision surveillance will also be testing a video surveillance system is perfect, whether advanced potential measure.

Application market is not just urban construction, as well as finance, transportation, medical and other aspects, of course, emerging security market in rural areas. According to statistics, the country covers an area of about 90%, traffic building, and the living environment and the city there is a huge difference, more labour out of the rural area to the cities, follow is the rural elderly and child safety issues. Them in terms of personal security awareness and ability to protect themselves in a weak position and security forms are "basic dog patrol people, police, emergency notification by broadcasting". Construction of the rural modernization of security is necessary, made from a security is a top priority. Strong rural air well, visibility, daytime sunlight conditions, and without much lighting at night, too, so with wide dynamic, star-level low light camera in the country security market and there is a vast world.