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What Is Biometrics?
- Mar 24, 2008 -

Belongs to biometric face recognition technology (hereinafter referred to as biometrics) technologies. In recent years, face recognition, iris recognition biometric technology from the lab to the representatives of the public, and upgrading people's "password" will make our life more convenient and more secure.
What is a biometric
Everyone has unique IRIS texture and life remains the same
Biometric identification, simply put, is a kind of Human Physiology (fingerprints, face, etc) or behavioral characteristics (voice, gait, etc) for personal identity. Typically, human biological feature has the advantage of carry and difficult to forge, with the advantage of recognition of security and convenience.
Common biometric is the fingerprint, fingerprint marks easily copied by others and require a higher degree of cleanliness, drying on your fingers. With the advent of all things Internet, data security and information privacy more and more important, people need to be more secure and efficient authentication "password".
Face recognition biometric technology is one of the more mature. Because each person's facial features, facial features are different, which makes it possible to identity which can be used to identify individuals. National information technology Standardization Committee Subcommittee on biometrics expert members, said Zhang Xin, Director of Beijing open depending on the technology market, and face physical characteristics can be converted into information recognized by the computer. Realization of face recognition technology, first detected face in the image or video, and then to locate the target key facial features, feature extraction and structure processing. With these data, the computer can analyze the face property, read faces.
"Face recognition technology upgrade to benefit from artificial intelligence theory application and development. The current, mainstream face recognition technology combined with the depth of learning algorithms, the machines ' see ' face more training data more, understand more, it faces judge more accurately and more rapidly. "Zhang Xin said.
Iris recognition is another promising by industry biometric technology. IRIS is located in ocular surface black pupil and ring-shaped area between the white sclera, which contains many overlapping spots, fine silk, Coronal, recess and other details. Researcher, Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sun Zhenan said that iris recognition technology by comparing similarities between IRIS feature to confirm the identity, the core steps are used in pattern recognition, image processing, and other methods to describe the human IRIS has been a data value, and the IRIS for IRIS data and storage and classification information matching, you can achieve the purpose of confirmation status.
International biometrics Standards Committee member, Rainbow PA Vice President He Zhaofeng said, the IRIS as identity has many advantages. First, iris recognition and high safety. Everyone has unique IRIS texture, even the same left and right eye or identical twins, IRIS also has significant differences. Secondly, the IRIS in the embryonic development of the third to the eighth month is formed, and life remains the same, the stability is good. In addition, Iris images captured without contact, and easy to use.
And face recognition technology, iris recognition technology breakthrough has also benefited from the development of artificial intelligence. Sun Zhenan said outbreaks of biometric technology in recent years, is not just driven by the technology itself, it is a corollary of information society development to a certain extent. For example, the development of intelligent terminal for IRIS data more convenient, and data analysis methods and improve the accuracy of data comparison, all things Internet and the consequent higher demands for security, biometric technology comes in.
Associate researcher at the Institute of automation Chinese Academy of Sciences the Lei Chen said that in recent years, including identification, face recognition technology, thanks to the new chips and rising new algorithm calculating; second, intelligent devices, such as mobile computing makes mass low-cost data collection possible.