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What Are The Key Indicators For Selecting Infrared Thermal Imagers?
- Jul 19, 2017 -


Question 1: Infrared Thermal Camera in the end to measure how far?

Infrared thermal camera detection distance = measured target size ÷ IFOV, so the smaller the spatial resolution (IFOV), can be measured farther. For example: the transmission line clip size is generally 50mm, if the use of Fluke Ti25 thermal imager, the IFOV 2.5mRad, the farthest detection distance of 50 ÷ 2.5 = 20m

Question 2: Infrared Thermal Camera can measure how small the target?

Minimum detection target size = IFOV × minimum focusing distance. So the smaller the IFOV, the smaller the minimum focus distance, the smaller the target can be detected.

Question 3: How can the thermal imager see more clearly?

Factor 1: Thermal sensitivity determines the ability of the thermal imager to distinguish fine temperature differences. In the same situation, the thermal sensitivity of the thermal imager used on the right is lower, the screen clearly shows the temperature distribution of the details of the flower, while the left figure can only see a red area.

Factor 2: The minimum detection size determines the ability of the thermal imager to capture small size. The smaller the size, the same area of the detection target screen by more pixels, the picture clearer.