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What Are The Areas Of Use Of Thermal Imagers
- Dec 14, 2018 -

A thermal imager is a device that uses a non-contact method to detect the heat of the object to be measured and convert it into an electrical signal so that the thermal image and measured temperature values are displayed on the display and the resulting data are analyzed. In simple terms, a thermal imager is an infrared camera that can measure temperature. So, what are the uses of thermal imaging devices?
Almost all equipment will have fever before they fail. Thermal imagers quickly and accurately detect faults by measuring the temperature of various parts, thus avoiding possible factory shutdowns, production phenomena, and fires. Repairing high losses for users. The thermal imager can perform preventive maintenance of the electrical system, whether external or internal. During the operation of the power system, the carrier carrying the current will generate resistance loss due to the current effect, and there are many connections or contacts throughout the circuit. Once some connections or contacts on the circuit are in poor contact, the contact resistance will increase, and the site will heat up or produce greater resistance loss, and local overheating of the circuit will occur. For external faults like this, the thermal imager can find out in time, and if it is not handled in time, it is prone to accidents. In electrical systems, external faults account for a large proportion. Internal fault refers to the circuit failure that is closed in the insulating solid or equipment shell and the failure caused by the insulating medium. This type of failure occurs only inside the device and the surface temperature is very small, so the thermal imager required is highly sensitive. Internal faults are not easily detected because of their low temperature, but they are very likely to cause equipment failures. Thermal imagers are also widely used in the petrochemical or metallurgical industries. The use of a thermal imager can reduce the possibility of leakage of steel and water, discover the problem of uneven heating of air in the blast furnace, and discover the insulation of steam pipelines. The thermal imager can also effectively detect internal deposits such as natural gas pipelines and blast furnace gas pipelines.
What is described above is only a small part of the use of thermal imagers. In addition to detecting equipment failures, petrochemicals, metallurgy and other fields, thermal imagers are also used in scientific research. Mainly include mold temperature control, electronic circuit design, motor, electronic products and so on. In short, thermal imagers have become one of the indispensable equipment in people's production and life.

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