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VR/AR And Security Monitoring Combination Or Trend
- May 19, 2014 -

Video surveillance technology will be merged with new application fields such as VR/AR, redefining product attributes.
VR/AR and video Surveillance fusion application
Front-End: VR is a panoramic camera monitoring and splicing synthesis, and then through the NVR/VMS and other platforms/other software post-processing, so that users can not only the traditional PTZ manipulation, but the ability to transform the angle, that is, change POV (point OfView); AR augmented Reality the camera combines the "reality" of the real-time video with the digitized label "enhancement" information, so that the monitoring user can get the information of the target object in the first time when the real-time video screen is monitored, This concept can refer to the high-emerging "augmented reality" camera technology before the Hai Kang DT1. 0 and Yu-Vision ultra-sense IPC.
Backend: Monitoring Center is mainly based on AR video and overall security control experience, such as Fortem three-dimensional interactive Security Center concept. The reality of the surrounding environment and the things in AR on the same screen, through large screen and video interaction, such as in the city of electronic maps directly with the deployed cameras, access control, anti-theft or fire, building control systems and other interactive manipulation.
With the breakthrough of new application technology such as VR/AR (virtual reality/augmented reality) and the rapid advancement of the applied market, the intelligent camera of hardware and software integration will play an important role in the new technology and application field, and the application field of video system will be greatly expanded.
And the VR/AR and video image algorithm, video compression and transmission, cloud computing, large data and other science and technology integration, can effectively target virtual reality scenes, strengthen its content splicing, color difference elimination, depth adjustment, data processing, structured information extraction and analysis technology processing effect, to provide users with immersion video perception experience.
At present, VR/AR has just arisen in the field of consumption has not been widely popularized, but it does not affect the field of security monitoring. At present, the fusion of VR/AR and security monitoring seemingly far-fetched, in fact, some prescient domestic and foreign companies have begun layout or deployment landing. Obviously, VR/AR can solve some problems in the traditional security monitoring field, or let the user experience a better application experience in advance.