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The Working Principle Of Infrared Thermal Imager As Well As Adapt To What Is The Scope?
- Jan 18, 2007 -

nfrared hot like instrument is using infrared detector, and optical imaging lens and light machine scan system (currently advanced of Coke plane technology is saves has light machine scan system) accept was measuring target of infrared radiation energy distribution graphics reflect to infrared detector of photosensitive Yuan Shang, in optical system and infrared detector Zhijian, has a light machine scan institutions (focal plane surface hot like instrument no this institutions) on was measuring objects of infrared hot like for scan, and focused in unit or points light detector Shang, by detector will infrared radiation can conversion into signals, by Zoom processing, Converted or standard video signal through the TV screen or monitor displays infrared thermography.
Thermal imaging has been widely used in military and civilian applications. With thermal imaging technology matures and the advent of low-cost thermal imager suitable for civilian, which play a role in all sectors of the national economy is also growing. In industrial production, many devices are commonly used in high temperature, high pressure and high speed running, using infrared thermography to detect these devices and monitoring, which can ensure the safe operation of the equipment, and irregularities in order to promptly eliminate hidden dangers. Meanwhile, use of thermal imaging can also be used for industrial products quality control and management.