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The Characteristics Of Laser Night Vision Cameras
- Jul 03, 2017 -

Laser night vision camera technology is different from thermal infrared imaging technology and low light night vision technology, thermal infrared imaging technology can only see people and objects of the heat profile, can not see the true face of the object. Low-light night vision technology requires a certain moonlight, stars and ambient light to see the object, if there is no light on what can not see. Although the use of infrared light auxiliary lighting can also see the target, but can not overcome the infrared light storm, can not conceal observation, easy to self-exposure target, the image interference by light, not as black night vision camera as visual effects and clear degree. Compared with the infrared light and light night vision, the laser night vision camera is the only night can not see the visible light can also be the same as the day from the monitor directly to observe the human and night vision products.


 Laser night vision:

 (1) Automatic fireworks identification Intelligent image processor can use fireworks identification algorithm to automatically detect the fire area within the monitoring area, the first time to find open fire and hidden fire, and the test results through the network transmission system to the monitoring center The After the disaster, you can also monitor whether the flame is completely extinguished. 

(2) real-time video surveillance system to achieve real-time monitoring of the monitoring area, in the monitoring center display terminal can display front-end real-time scene. 

(3) PTZ control intelligent image processor can control the PTZ 360 rotation, the monitoring area for multi-angle monitoring. 

(4) video recording system administrator can specify the recording channel frame rate, coding quality, video space size, video trigger mode, the system can automatically manage disk space, the implementation of video tasks. 

(5) Map-oriented markings The precise location of the front-end intelligent image processor installation. And in the event of fire, can probably guide the direction of fire and fire point. 

(6) log information Front-end intelligent image processor generated by the log sent to the monitoring center server. The log information is displayed in real time on the monitoring center server, and the alarm is given according to the configuration requirements. The user can query the log history and video recording according to the input conditions.


(7) extended functions and system integration in the forest fire intelligent analysis system designed to take full account of the modular and flexible. Monitoring center and front-end communication, monitoring center database management software development kit, monitoring center server can also be customized to develop other manufacturers of equipment or expansion of system business functions. Integrators can integrate front-end devices into their systems. Integrated high-speed PTZ camera laser high-speed PTZ camera is a high-definition color camera, universal variable speed PTZ, multi-function decoder, character overlay, alarm input / output, night infrared lighting in one. Can be arbitrarily fast positioning and continuous tracking scan, can all-round, no blind spot to monitor; can automatically adapt to the environment and the vision of the distance changes; full digital control, compact design, to minimize the connection between the system components, Both to improve the reliability of the system and easy to install and maintain. The use of precision stepper motor drive, smooth operation, melon sensitive, accurate positioning. And has a left and right scanning, pattern scanning, fixed-point cruise, privacy shielding, linkage alarm and other intelligent features.

Laser PTZ lighting part of the new laser infrared array technology, high brightness, irradiation distance, long life, uniform distribution of light field, so that the laser head of the night vision function and effect greatly improved.