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The Application And Development Of Laser Night Vision Technology
- Jul 08, 2017 -

Night vision monitoring refers to the camera in the night or low illumination environment to show a clearer target screen, laser night vision technology with the aid of photoelectric imaging device to achieve the night of the target monitoring observation. Laser night vision technology is divided into active infrared technology, passive infrared technology, low light night vision technology. Active infrared technology Since the 1960s by the United States Bell Labs research and development, the technical level has experienced rapid development, by the photoelectric conversion efficiency of only 5% of the infrared light bulb, to now luminous efficiency of up to 60% of the laser infrared lighting module. Today's active infrared night vision areas, including LED infrared technology, LED infrared technology is mainly used near the wavelength of 850nm LED infrared light as a surveillance camera lighting source, luminous efficiency of about 30%.


The same time as the above-

Ordinary infrared camera, cheap, high degree of market penetration, mainly for residential surveillance, corridor monitoring and a number of short-range need for a small range of night vision monitoring sites. But also because the product into the lower threshold, cohabitation, product quality varies greatly. Because of the physical limitations of the technology itself, making the common LED infrared light irradiation distance is difficult to break 100 meters, these problems need to be through the laser night vision technology to solve.