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Railway Intelligent Monitoring And Early Warning System
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Transport infrastructure plays a key role in for a country’s progress. Nowadays, people call transportation is “lifeline” for a nation. Many instances illustrate how infrastructure enhanced speed and efficiency for a country’s development. Railway as one of transportation infrastructure which is invested a lot of money, therefore, it is essential to maintain the safety and normal operation of the railway.


The railway monitoring application scenario is relatively complex. It is difficult to rely on manpower to make timely and accurate judgments on various unexpected situations. Foshvision's intelligent monitoring and early warning system realizes 24 hours video surveillance along the railway. It not only can we monitor the safety status of railway operations, but can also monitor emergencies, such as intrusion alarm, steal and destroy behaviors

Laser Night Vision Camera has follow features:

Ø Adopt laser illuminating system, long lighting distance with large scope, uneasy to be discovered;

Ø Day & Night low illumination megapixels color to black camera, realize continuous monitoring day and night;

Ø Auto exposal control, AWB, AGC;

Ø Dual-stream function to meet the different network broadband;

Ø Rich network protocol, good adaptability;

Ø Mobile surveillance and alarm linkage, intelligence video monitoring;

Ø Built-in Web Server, convenient to control;

Ø Shifting pan-tilt, realize all directions no blind spot monitoring and high accurate orientation;

Ø Smart shell with professional design, light, firm, anti-corrosion, waterproof and acid rain proof.