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Night Vision Camera Imaging Principle
- Nov 08, 2017 -

In the night vision surveillance system, the conventional approach is to use visible light illumination, but this method has the disadvantages of being unable to conceal and exposing the surveillance target. Therefore, the use of less, hidden and scientific night vision surveillance uses infrared imaging technology. Infrared camera technology is divided into passive and active. Passive infrared imaging technology is the use of any material at an absolute zero (-273 ℃) above the infrared radiation, the object temperature is higher, the more the infrared radiation. Cameras made using this principle are the most typical thermal imaging cameras, but the special infrared cameras are expensive and are therefore limited to military or special applications. The active infrared camera technology, the use of infrared light radiation "lighting" (mainly infrared light), the application of ordinary low-light black and white cameras, color to black and white camera or infrared low-light color camera, feel the surrounding scenery and the environment reflected infrared light to achieve Night vision surveillance.