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National Policies To Promote Artificial Intelligence Applications In The Field Of Security
- Jan 30, 2011 -

June 2016, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, industry and information technology Ministry, central network Office jointly issued the "Internet" three-year action programme for implementation of artificial intelligence, speed up industrial development of artificial intelligence. By 2018, creating artificial intelligence based resources and innovation platform, system, service system, the artificial intelligence industry standardization of basic system, based on core technology breakthrough, overall technology and industry development and international synchronization, application and systems level technical local leader.

The programme calls for speeding up the construction of literature, speech, image, videos, maps and other types of data mass training resources and basic resource service platform, supporting very large deep learning of new computing cluster, establish a sound industrial platform for public services. Network security lifecycle services deliver cloud network-side integration, integrated security services. Further development of computer vision, intelligent voice processing, biometric recognition, natural language understanding, intelligent decision-making and new human-computer interaction, such as key technology development and industrialization, for intelligent upgrades reinforce the Foundation of the industry.

The programme for the promotion of Internet and traditional industry, integration and innovation, speed up the artificial intelligence technology in the home, car, unmanned systems, security and other areas of the application, improving network security capabilities in key areas, intelligence service life increased. Support in manufacturing, education, environment, transportation, Commerce, health care, network security, governance and other areas of artificial intelligence application demonstration to promote large-scale applications of artificial intelligence to enhance AI cluster innovation entrepreneurship in China.

Which the programme implementation of the intelligent security extension project, security companies and Internet companies are encouraged to cooperate, development integrating image and video accurate recognition, biometric, smart-security product identification code and other technologies, promote intelligence, intensification of the security products and network. Support for social security, industrial safety and fire, harmful gases, earthquakes, natural disasters, outbreaks of IntelliSense technology development and transfer, and advancing the application of intelligent security solution deployment. Support some qualified community or city public security model based on artificial intelligence to speed up upgrading key public areas of intelligent security equipment.