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Monitoring Of Targets At Night And During Inclement Weather Conditions
- Oct 26, 2016 -

1. at night, due to well-known reasons, visible equipment cannot work properly, if by means of artificial lighting, you may expose target. If using the low light level night vision equipment, it also works in the visible band, still needs outside lighting. Infrared thermal imagers are passive targets its own infrared radiation, both day and night work, and will not expose myself. Also in adverse weather conditions such as rain, fog, due to the shorter wavelength of visible light, poor ability to overcome obstacles, thus observed poor results, but the longer wavelengths of infrared, especially in 8~14um thermal imager, higher capacity of throughfall and fog, so still target correctly. So in night and adverse weather conditions, using infrared thermal imaging surveillance equipment can be a variety of goals, such as personnel, vehicles and other monitoring.
2. monitoring due to the infrared thermal image instrument is a reflection of the surface temperature and imaging equipment, outside of night-time can be used as site monitoring, therefore, can also be used as an effective fire alarm equipment, large areas of forest, fire is often caused by fire from the game is not obvious. This is the root cause of devastating fires, using existing general methods, it is difficult to find this hidden fire signs. Infrared thermal imager can be quickly and efficiently find the hidden fire, and can be used to determine the location and extent of fires through smoke discovery fire point, know early prevention, earlier put out.
3. the common camouflage is camouflaged and concealed targets recognition in case of visible-light observations. General criminal modus operandi is usually concealed in the bushes and trees, due to harsh field environments and human visual illusions, prone to miscalculation. Infrared thermal imaging device passively accepted target's own thermal radiation of human and vehicle temperature and infrared radiation temperature and infrared radiation are generally much larger than the vegetation, it can not easily disguised, nor prone to miscalculation. Photoelectric information, electronics, Internet communications, digital video, multimedia and development of sensor technology, security monitoring technology from traditional analog to highly integrated digital, intelligent, networked. With the increase of the demand of the market, almost in modern high-tech security monitoring systems are used or will be used. Modern sensor technology in the rapid development of infrared thermal imaging technology has begun to receive applications in the security system.