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Market Analysis Of Infrared Night Vision Camera
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Video surveillance market, as long as the need for night vision monitoring part is still based on infrared night vision camera. As for the recent "white light night vision surveillance camera" because of its easy to expose at night and produce light pollution will be destined to be short-lived. The reason why the market will be such a ridiculous product, and the current infrared night vision camera market confusion. As the infrared night vision camera market is huge, and ordinary infrared night vision camera assembly process is relatively simple. Since the sale of infrared night vision cameras in the market since the public, infrared night vision camera "assembly production" began to blossom everywhere, infrared night vision camera market competition has become more and more intense, this competition is a fierce price drop. Many "assembly production" in order to have "strength" to get the lowest price of your crown, at the expense of product quality, so that a large number of poor infrared night vision cameras into the market, affecting the infrared night vision camera image in the minds of consumers.