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Laser Night Vision In Which Areas Can Be Applied?
- Sep 11, 2006 -

Laser night vision of active laser lighting infrared night vision systems, achieve the purpose of the probe targets at night. Night vision device is mainly used for military or paramilitary purposes.
Night vision technology has become an important part of monitoring technology. For many years, direct monitoring and control technology on the basis of night vision technology has developed rapidly, and has been applied to industry, agriculture, national defense, public security, oil and the economy, and in all sectors and areas of life. Night vision technology and its application in public security operations, has aroused great attention. Monitor, head of security in important places, important cultural relics protection, security, traffic control, criminal investigation, fire protection, shipping information and other operational work, are an important means.
Of course, some places, such as deep, deep in the forest, no lighting warehouse, lower cabin, Darkroom illumination. For some special places that don't allow lighting with night vision system for monitoring. Secondly, the randomness of location is obvious. Illegal entry and smuggling at sea, coastal or border, theft of electrical material in the wild, stealing trees in the forest. To prevent people from sins must be monitored. These locations due to the vast, unable to install lighting, but also had to use night vision to help. Once again, on occasions some public occasion, but also some secret place. In order to covert surveillance, using lighting equipment is not allowed. Border entry and exit, smuggling, illegal immigration, drug trafficking, or other important branches of secret security waning, the night vision system is a good helper.