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Intelligent Traffic At A Depth Of Smart City Application
- Apr 16, 2011 -

21st century "smart cities" that can make full use of information and communication technology measurement, analysis, integrate core systems of key information, which includes the people's livelihood, environmental protection, public security, urban services, intelligent response to the needs of industrial and commercial activities, for the mankind to create a better city life.

Traffic is an important part of the city of wisdom wisdom wisdom transportation construction will push forward the development of smart city, smart city development will be the same reaction in the intelligent city.

Intelligent traffic in the construction of Smart City application
China has hundreds of proposed the construction of smart city, Wuxi, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, and Shenzhen, Shenyang, Wuhan, Chengdu and other major cities as representative, focused on intelligent transportation, e-Government and other industries.

Application status
Application of intelligent traffic is an important tool for building smarter cities to solve the traffic problem, is a rich front-end deployment are important sources of data, networking is to build video surveillance platform platform performs an important line of Defense.

Important tool to solve the traffic problem
Traffic safety, traffic congestion and environmental pollution are confronting today's three major problems in international transport, particularly in the traffic safety problem is the most serious. After using intelligent traffic management technology to improve roads, traffic deaths a year can be reduced by 30%, and can improve the efficiency of the use of vehicles in 50%.

An important source of data collection
Smart City in order to protect people's life safety plays an important role, but wisdom is a long and arduous project of urban construction, including large data acquisition is an essential link. With the expanding scale of video monitoring, application and development of wisdom around the city in recent years has encountered various obstacles in the process, and needed to solve the problem is how to ensure clear images available.

Networking platform performs an important line of Defense
Wisdom city should achieved and command scheduling application platform docking, and and District Office construction of image resources library directly docking, will various involved of vehicles image information, and personnel image information Shang to image resources library, and established related of mark, completed full autonomous regions range motor vehicle monitoring, and dispatched information of collection, and than on and management, and dispatched and alarm information of Exchange, and full autonomous regions range within fake sets brand vehicles analysis, and full autonomous regions range within suspected vehicles track analysis, function.

Application difficulties
Smart City image monitoring points, and each subsystem using a huge number of users, in the face of unprecedented monitoring industry data, how to effectively manage the data resources, solve differences of each product and system compatibility, image problems such as present is called wisdom of the bottleneck of urban construction.