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Infrared Thermography Can Be Applied To Electrical And Mechanical And Electrical Equipment Maintenance?
- Apr 09, 2006 -

Electrical system in any industrial field are is vital of, it guarantees has personnel comfortable degrees, plant environment, products production, all related run equipment, do for maintenance engineers, guarantees electrical system of normal run is very difficult of work, many enterprise for maintenance engineers of requirements is less, and associate, and fast, that fault appeared frequency less, found fault points analysis problem associate, solution problem fast, infrared hot like instrument is is guarantees less fault frequency of deli tool, through regularly inspection, Comprehensive rapid scan detection of electrical equipment hot state, judge electrical failure risks, prevent failures from occurring.
According to the latest statistics, in the industrial area of one-third fires have been caused by an electrical fault and, in case of a fire, the loss is usually disastrous – damaged goods, production line stoppages, personnel injury, using infrared thermal imager for the cyclical dimension inspection of electrical equipment found hidden fault, this disaster risk can be greatly reduced.
Other temperature of tool, only can measurement single measurement points of value, cannot meet fault hidden blind check of need, infrared hot like instrument (practical type) at least can while measurement 19,200 a temperature points, and will each temperature points numerical conversion for color mark displayed for a Zhang temperature image, temperature different, color different, through image temperature differences State now, intuitive clear, easily missed.
Using a thermal imager can not only prevent unplanned downtime and saving your cost. Also let you know exactly what the functional State of the entire electrical system, so using a thermal imager can also reduce insurance costs.

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