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Infrared Camera Applications
- Sep 05, 2017 -


Infrared camera in the Chinese market is mainly through the infrared filter to achieve day and night conversion, that is, during the day to open the filter to block the infrared into the CCD, so that CCD can only sense the visible light; night vision or light conditions are not good , The filter stops working, no longer blocking the infrared into the CCD, infrared reflection through the object into the lens after imaging.

But in practice, the infrared camera often appears during the day and the screen is clear, infrared light conditions, the screen has become blurred phenomenon. This is because the visible and infrared light (IR light) wavelength is not the same, different wavelengths, will lead to imaging the focal plane position is different, resulting in virtual coke, blurred the phenomenon of the screen.

The IR lens uses the latest optical design methods, special optical glass materials and special transition film and material and other advanced technology, eliminating the visible light and infrared light focal plane offset.