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Foshvision Airport Video Surveillance System
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Airport Video Surveillance System

System Overview

Airport has a large flow of people. Airport security has been closely concerned by the relevant departments. Therefore, airports are equipped with various types of monitoring cameras systems. The intelligent image recognition and analysis technology is introduced into the monitoring system, realizing a better video management of different districts of the airport. Its identification and early warning function for special areas, special people and special events in the airport, strengthens the comprehensive management of the airport and ensures the safety of people's lives and property. However, the protection and monitoring of the perimeter of the airport has always been a weakness.

At present, most of the perimeter of the airport is physically isolated by barbed wire. Infrared dome cameras are set up in the vicinity of the airport. However, infrared domes have a short monitoring distances and are easily affected by the weather, which is not conducive to discovering hidden targets and not suitable for large-scale monitoring at night. Therefore, the airport urgently needed a set of video surveillance solutions that can monitor long distance, large scale, day and night without the effect of weather condition.

Based on decades of in-depth research on laser and thermal imaging technologies, China Foshvision Technology Co., Ltd. has gained rich experience and technical breakthroughs in laser night vision and infrared thermal imaging monitoring systems. For the special circumstances of the perimeter of the airport, several multi-spectrum monitoring products have been developed to meet various monitoring distances. The system uses internationally advanced laser night vision technology and infrared thermal imaging technology, integrated with intelligent tracking technology, intelligent image analysis technology, digital image processing technology, intelligent temperature alarm technology and a series of high-tech. The whole system meets the special requirement of airport perfectly.

System composition

Front-end of this monitoring system has three main components:


1.      The Airport Perimeter monitoring: Mainly monitor the periphery of the airport, including personnel, vehicles, high temperature targets, small UAV, etc. With the help of some intelligent analysis and tracking functions, abnormal events and suspicious targets can be analyzed and tracked.

2.      Airport runway monitoring: Mainly monitoring airport runway whether there are any leftovers, whether there are personnel vehicles to enter.

3.      Aircraft taking off and landing monitoring: Mainly monitoring plane takeoff and landing process. You can choose to track the aircraft landing process, real-time monitoring, especially rain and snow and fog and other inclement weather conditions to ensure accurate-control and aircraft status.

Adopting infrared thermal imaging monitoring technology, based on digital, network technology, the system can realize monitoring points unified managing. Through all-weather PTZ outdoor cruise monitoring, it can cover several kilometers around the airport monitoring range, to achieve large-scale, long-distance, all-weather monitoring objectives. The system uses the airport LAN for transmission, security and stability. Monitoring center via the client, can real-time monitor these areas. At the same time, the device is integrated with high-temperature detection function, which can detect the high-temperature target around the airport, such as artificial arson, spontaneous combustion and so on. Through the information back of the PTZ, GIS information management system can locate the fire point. Video recording and storage for later inquiries forensics work. At the same time, the system supports multi-user monitoring mode, can be monitored at various points in the airport monitoring rooms.

Application Cases


Beijing airport monitoring project.

Shanghai airport monitoring project.

Hong Kong airport monitoring project

Lanzhou airport monitoring project