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Counting 2016 Security Market Prospect Of Industry Development
- Dec 03, 2016 -

2016 is the country's economic transition experienced one of the most important years, the security industry, the industry also follows the national policies of economic adjustment, at the industry development stage, industry show the shift speed of rhythm, each company is trying to find its own best suited to the transformation direction. Although there has been some question in the industry and bad-mouthing tone, but with the development of business transformation and the new stage adaptation in 2016, security industry market development also presents a different kind of wonderful.

From the security industry to look at the overall market environment, with factors such as labor, land cost advantages gradually weakened, the already narrow profit margins are further squeezed businesses, survival pressure, security manufacturing has long maintained rapid development phase is over.

Security level of the market as a whole is constantly maturing, industry SMEs in the manufacturing sector remained largely focused on traditional machine and mass Assembly processing of low-end components, products with high added value, the share of technology-intensive products is still small, a slow extension of the value chain, and homogenization of markets more and more serious. Meanwhile, the industry giants firmly occupying top position in manufacturing, industry concentration and higher, optimizing and upgrading the industrial structure, some enterprises need to mergers and acquisitions, strategic restructuring in order to survive in the industry.

From the security policy environment, in 2015, the national nine ministries issued the Declaration on strengthening the construction of public security video surveillance networking applications a number of views, comments made by 2020 to achieve public safety video surveillance of global coverage and network sharing. In December 2016, the new novel Smart City index (2016), video collection and public safety coverage, public safety video surveillance networking and resource sharing, public security, social management and video capability as new intelligent city an important evaluation indicators, which put forward higher requirements for video surveillance business, industry threshold will be further enhanced in the future, Integrated solutions provide capabilities and industry segments will become the standard video surveillance evaluation of enterprise comprehensive strength.

In the context of new economic policy, enterprise security does not sit in 2016, many security companies are responding to national development policies, adapt to industry rules, meet the demand of market development, adhere to the deep industrial upgrading and market as the main line, to innovation, application-driven, integrated development as the fundamental guiding ideology, promoting the healthy and sustainable development of security industry. Internet +, intelligent manufacturing direction for the development, by strengthening technical research and development, updated, modern manufacturing equipment and enhance the quality of products and technology, promote transformation and the transformation and upgrading of industries manufacturing; changed from low-end products in numbers, HD, smart high-end products, enterprises driven by the overall security market also presents some new features.