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China Security Enterprises In Developing Overseas Market Need To Be Aware Of These
- Dec 09, 2015 -

Great potential for overseas security market is currently the General port security industry, starting from 2013, domestic firms began aggressively expanding aggressively overseas. However, overseas markets, after all, has a completely different background, with domestic institutions and rules, domestic security companies in developing overseas market have also been obstacles. How to go this way, steadily and security industry needs to learn more.
Terrorism driven by demand, the global security market maintained a steady growth pattern. IMSR from 2013 to 2016 global video surveillance market is expected to keep the compound growth of about 12%. At present, the China enterprises move to a foreign market is mainly concentrated in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and other regions, and markets in different regions have different characteristics.
In Germany, Britain, France, as a representative of Western European security market 36% per cent of the global security market. European security market is showing a steady demand, pay attention to product quality competition and diverse, high and significant differences; have different distribution channels and so on. A single market-oriented European market, States its market as the Center, almost no chain-operated enterprises. Strong market reception for new products, product variety, and more concerned about quality and price.
In recent years, BA Xian market has maintained a good growth of 10%-15%, and the Government invested tens of billions of dollars every year. Brazil more than 70% of security products is dependent on imports, so over the years, the Brazilian market is also an important part of an layout inside. Now, as China-made video surveillance equipment, bio-recognition access control equipment, CCTV, alarm systems and vehicle monitoring systems are locally popular security products.
Russia's overall security environment is getting better, based on Russia's own vast infrastructure, vast geographical and consideration of the potential number of security threats, security for stable development of the market potential in the country, is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, demand for security products is huge, but market access is facing a number of challenges. First, operations may be hampered: burdensome regulatory systems; lack of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights; widespread corruption and the lack of the rule of law; inconsistent treatment of laws and regulations; lack of transparency and because of the dominant economic strategic sector of large State-owned or State-owned enterprises continue to exist and form a non-level playing field for competition. Second, Russia's economic "strategic sectors" in the broad and ever-changing investment are under the control of the Russian Government. Third, economic sanctions may cause difficulties for certain equipment supplies, and constitutes a limiting factor, but there is no ban on the import of safety equipment. Four is the information technology department new laws making it more difficult for international technology companies in the Russian market providing goods and services.
Analysis pointed out that the Indian security market by the large development opportunity, access control market, IHS analysis of foreign market analysis report data show that 2015 India access control markets amounted to $76 million by 2019, will grow to 140 million dollars. Along with the rise of India two or three tier security needs, from which you want to access to development opportunities, Chinese enterprises still need to constantly develop new customers and new markets, adapt to the local application, business market, seize the quality and service. In India must know that there is a--federal, State and local levels, tax system, this is the biggest difference between India and other countries, the lack of centralised tax structure is more like a combination of different areas rather than a single national, entered the Indian market and operation are very difficult, but under the new policy, or there will be new.
In recent years, Thailand's traditional security situation on the whole is good, but the threat of terrorism and social security face a number of challenges. According to statistics showed that Thailand's 30% per cent of ASEAN total security products market, annual demand of 20 billion baht (converted to RMB 4 billion yuan), becoming one of the major market for ASEAN security market. Somewhat akin to the security market in Thailand and Vietnam, are mainly rely on imports. Open since 2010 of China and ASEAN free trade area, customs statistics Thai security products imported from China more than $800 million a year, is about 20% the growth trend in the future. The future, Thailand security market in urban security construction and intellectual fields of urban construction, transportation, financial institutions, commercial buildings and retail security system, remote monitoring, unmanned aerial vehicles and other hot application market will be very promising.