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Attention Five Master 2017 Security Trend
- Feb 16, 2017 -

"Big, intellectual, moving, cloud," as the representative of the emerging technology is upending traditional, a steady flow of change, security, security data, security services, security of high-end are the future development trend of network security. Subdivision, 2017 security trend includes clouds, big data, IoT, artificial intelligence, and so on.


More and more companies have attacked it enterprises will find the environment to the cloud, without proper preparation of the case, they can only receive limited security, because of the underlying foundations of the virtual machine is running more and more attacks. 2017 will see more cloud management platform, work load and attack Enterprise SaaS applications, which will indirectly lead to enterprises than traditional desktops and servers more on rights management and budget input.

Cloud computing has a variety of new business platform, cloud computing requires a variety of security technology with defense in depth, technology for focused data encryption technology as an active defense in depth your deployment. In addition, the security industry can be expected in 2017 will introduce more fine control, comprehensive protection, deep Visual, joint prevention, intelligent operational characteristics of next-generation network security products, and able to fit new and heterogeneous IT environment, such as a hybrid cloud environment.

Big data

Security is a very promising market, and data analysis can solve problems that many security and security your business needs from the analysis to automated analysis. Different from traditional security defense and security management functions provided by the data analysis platform, provide early warning and more alert, and formed together with traditional security products, this process can be automated, or security administrators to complete.

2016 with data, threat intelligence-driven active defense has been accepted by the mainstream and started gradually at home practice. Continuous security monitoring and response handling, investigation and analysis and traceability becomes critical with more data, situational awareness afforded a security decision support. Believe that in 2017, the data security platform as the core of active defense in combination with EDR, NDR also makes data-driven security coordination into the mainstream.


Intelligent life is a new way of life, are being accepted by more and more people, small enough to choose smart appliances, drones, smart car, smart buildings, large industrial 4.0, but these security problems are often neglected. In order to form a botnet, crime analysis needs a large number of devices connected to the Internet, including your cell phone, smart TV, rice cookers, refrigerators? when a hacked device, will do two things: on one side, as usual, will be on the other side in accordance with the command of the crime analysis website, usually cannot be found. In 2017, on the premise of improving the quality of life of people with smart, avoid the fall as part of a botnet will be 2017 a big ordeal.

Artificial intelligence

Since 1956, "artificial intelligence (ArtificialIntelligence)" concept was proposed by Marvin Minsky, the researchers developed a number associated with the theories, principles, technology, and artificial intelligence is applied in a growing number of industries, and people of various works of science fiction, the future of artificial intelligence has made in-depth exploration and consideration. In early 2016 AlphaGo4:1 after defeating world chess player Lee Sedol, let people have a more profound understanding of artificial intelligence.

In 2017, the area of artificial intelligence will become more Chrysalis into a butterfly key strength. From the smart city to smart homes, every aspect of people's livelihood are more intuitive feel the influence of artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, from the genetic level of artificial intelligence enhances security, ability to provide solid protection for the future development of artificial intelligence.

Security cooperation

In 2017, the cooperative defense will change from a single security product security capabilities are limited, incomplete information, defense and dispose of weak situation. Intelligent operation and maintenance will be both more artificial intelligence and automated features, overall user efficiency of the maturity of the security system and security incidents. Secure docking with the user's local security defense network that will help users keep up with the latest security situation changes quickly to respond to new threats in real time.

Information security companies must give up the old security routines, develop new strategies to effectively deal with new types of cyber-crime--incident detection and response, intrusion detection and correction, enhanced threat of predictability, through networks, collaboration, security, discovery and correction of parallel priorities, achieving perfect security system.

Home Security Video Surveillance Market Is Warming Up

Smart City market closely linked to video surveillance

Ever since the smart city concept, building around rising passion. Currently, China has announced has three batch wisdom City pilot, amounted to 290 a city, combs around Government work report and "Thirteen-Five" planning also found, as June 2016, China 95% of deputy provincial city, and 76% of to level city, are in Government work report or "Thirteen-Five" planning in the clear proposed, or is construction wisdom city, is expected to to 2017 China started wisdom city construction and building wisdom city of city number will is expected to over 500 a. National development and Reform Commission issued on November 29 a new smarter cities assessment notice, must thoroughly implement the "Thirteen-Five" program put forward tasks for building a new model of smart city, pragmatic and promote the new wisdom of the healthy and orderly development of the city. Intellect security as part of the smart city, under construction design fields, is expected to grow rapidly.

The notice included with the new Smart City index (2016), which contains 8 levels with a total of the evaluation indicators, 21 secondary indexes, 54 two-level indicator. Waste management services, precision control, eco-livable, intelligent infrastructure, information resources, networks, security, innovation, experience as an indicator of level of the people accounted for respectively 37%, 9%, 8%, 7%, 7%, 4%, 20%. At the level of individual indicators in the secondary index and second index covers a wide range of security products penetration and usage requirements. For example in the level indicator "precision governance" has two secondary indicators of urban management, public safety, which also contains the digital city, municipal pipe network intelligent monitoring and management of pipeline rate and comprehensive pipe Gallery coverage and coverage of the video collection and public safety, video surveillance of public safety resource networking and sharing, public safety social management and video capability.

Smart Security is an important part of the city of wisdom, with the advance of safe city project and the Ministry of public security information, urban video surveillance market in China to maintain a good growth. Video surveillance hardware market in China is estimated at 74 billion last year, the growth rate reached 19%, future growth will still be above 10%. Video surveillance numbers per thousand people, at present China's highest camera density of Beijing, camera number 59 per thousand people, which is about the national average of 80%, 60% of the United States. Last year 9 ministries jointly issued by the development and Reform Commission on the work of strengthening the construction of public security video surveillance applications set by the number of observations, by 2020 focused on coverage of video surveillance in public areas reached 100%, HD camera at 100% building, rebuilding, and important parts in the field of video surveillance coverage in key industries 100%, while progressively increasing the number of HD camcorder, renovation.

Public safety video collection and coverage, public safety video surveillance networking and resource sharing, public security, social management and video capability into a new smarter cities assessment index (2016), will no doubt once again promoting the video monitoring of public security building and comprehensive in-depth application and video sharing. It also put forward higher requirements for video surveillance business, industry threshold will be further enhanced in the future, integrated solutions provide capabilities and industry segments will become the standard video surveillance evaluation of enterprise comprehensive strength.

Video surveillance application depth gradually strengthened

Accelerating the process of with the development of new towns, security systems have become every city public safety system construction of key facilities, including video surveillance as a part of the most basic, more shows, both government departments and the residents of the city are aware of its importance. In 2015, the national nine ministries issued the Declaration on strengthening the construction of public security video surveillance networking applications a number of views, comments made by 2020 to achieve public safety video surveillance of global coverage and network sharing. October 2016, the central political and Legislative Affairs Committee Secretary Meng jianzhu said, mobile Internet, data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, represented by modern science and technology are changing the way we live. More open to promote legal sharing of data resources sharing, cooperative attitude make use of enterprise data, social resources, further facilities, Internet, data and resource sharing and regional departmental interaction, and continuously improve the intelligent level of comprehensive management work of politics and law. In the new Smart City index (2016) proposed public safety video surveillance networking and resource sharing, public security, social management and video capability as required. Obviously, Government video surveillance has changed from "installation", up to the "application".

Most sensitive to market development, from video surveillance business, accelerate the application of video monitor depth has become the most important for the future development of a business. Whether it is video surveillance a Giants, or the industry two or three line companies, starting from 2014 capabilities as a business solutions provide new targets for the development of, and the ability to provide total solutions, with roots in industry segments most business skill.

Most potential in the consumer market as video surveillance market

Consumption market as video monitoring application of subdivision of market, this two years is rendering rapid development of situation, from sea Kang Granville depending on 2012 began March Internet business, created security life business brand--fluorite yilai, today security industry in the consumption civilian security has become, became industry important part and future development of trend, especially video monitoring class giant enterprise are in strongly launched series for family and the consumption merchant of intelligent hardware products and the solution programme, Expand consumer residential security market, from 2016 on the CPSE, consumer video surveillance has become the important components of a corporate booth.

Security focused on meeting consumer households and small chains stores user security on security above, and with consumer video monitoring products in the area of intelligent upgrades, as well as embedded applications based on artificial intelligence techniques, using consumer-grade video networking applications as the core market also showed a prototype, from product to enrich the scene. From in recent years security manufacturers for consumption market launched of video networking application products we not difficult found, these products in is big degree Shang has completely from has consumption class security products idiomatic of appearance model, develop out has a new of products system, more of is based on "video of perception technology + Internet framework + depth learning algorithm" and building of new of video networking application, specific performance for robot, and movement camera, and no machine, and VR/AR products,.


From 2014 to 2016 early, security industry especially video monitoring field has been in followed national policy adjustment, in industry transformation development adapted stage, industry development show for block speed of rhythm, industry within also constantly appeared some questioned and the sing failure of argument, but with enterprise transformation development and in new of stage of constantly adapted, again plus national policy of constantly support, believes industry is towards a new of height!