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Artificial Intelligence Into The Government Work Report For The First Time To Promote More Industrial Upgrading
- Oct 22, 2010 -

On March 5, 12 opening of the session of the national people's Congress meeting in Beijing, said in a Government work report Premier Li keqiang, to "fully implement the strategic industry development plan, speed up new material, artificial intelligence, integrated circuit, bio-pharmaceutical, the fifth generation of mobile communication technology development and transformation", which is "artificial intelligence" in the expression first appeared in the Government work report. AI has also become representatives and members of hot topic, CPPCC National Committee members, Robin Li, Baidu's Chairman and members of CPPCC, fosun Chairman Guo guangchang were mentioned on artificial intelligence-related proposals.

In a year's time, "artificial intelligence" concept of weight in the whole policy is gradually increasing. In July 2016, issued by the State Council of the "Thirteen-Five" in the national program for scientific and technological innovation, artificial intelligence has not yet been published in the planning of the 15 "scientific and technological innovation for 2030-major projects." National scientific and technological Conference held earlier but in 2017, Minister of science and technology WAN Gang said is currently preparing special planning in artificial intelligence, while still working in the major program for the study of artificial intelligence project. In accordance with a previous policy statement, entered an important item of the item reflects the "national strategy".

And Deng Zhidong, a Tsinghua University Professor told the economic observer said the upswing thanks largely to artificial intelligence since 2012 become all the rage for high strength continues to invest in artificial intelligence, these landmark achievements in 2016, producing a large number of artificial intelligence, such as Google's AlphaGo and Master, thus attracting attention from the policy side.

In 2016, for the 12 session of the national people's Congress meeting, Minister of science and technology WAN Gang, who publicly said that for Google AlphaGo and the South Korean go chess player Lee Sedol "man-machine war" view, in his opinion, the development of artificial intelligence to make human labor to more advanced state of development.

According to statistics, as of November 2016, across 13 species worldwide, a total of 1485 artificial intelligence company and the total amount of financing up to $8.9 billion.

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, combining the industry more closely. Before the AI laboratory of artificial intelligence more biased towards large enterprises and research institutes in 2017, many specific projects will enter the application of artificial intelligence, will appear "artificial intelligence penetration 360 line" phenomenon. Today, many mainstream companies also applied in many AI technologies. Artificial intelligence may have a faster development in the year 2017 before the CES show, there are already a number of enterprises in using artificial intelligence Assistant. In the automotive field, also will use some assistive technologies in artificial intelligence. In 2017 the intelligent voice conversation and intelligent medical products will have a lot of opportunities for development.

From currently actual development view, in public security field especially security prevention products technology application field, artificial intelligence application has landing, 2016 end of Beijing Ann Bo will many security line enterprise such as sea Kang Granville depending on, and Yu depending on technology are released has based on artificial intelligence of intelligent Visual strategy, based on two home overseas enterprise "NVIDIA+Movidius" of high performance chip + machine Visual, and depth learning algorithm, programme of have proposed, while in Ann Bo will Shang, based on GPU operation of programme, and Face recognition, big data applications has become the consensus maker.

In the field of security, along with the chips and algorithms development, video surveillance has been successfully achieving a breakthrough security boundaries based on video technologies in the future, more visualization, visualization will become a reality. Traditional of security industry concentrated focus is "see have see, and see have clear", these concept has basic achieved, intelligent security will put video monitoring positioning in how fine differentiation application in the, and traditional after of forensics different, video future changes of trend will will concentrated in engaged in Hou to thing in the, again to prior warning, video data of application will achieved from security to more industry application change.

Certainly must stressed of is, currently in security field whole artificial intelligence of development, its level still in started of stage, artificial intelligence is security field of future, in to future of road Shang, also has many obstacles and difficult need across and overcome, but general trend is optimistic of, only has independent, and personalized, and constantly evolution perfect of artificial intelligence brain, to solution security field increasingly increased of needs, became general user of experts and Assistant, upgrade whole security field of intelligent of level, To promote the upgrading of the security industry.

2017 The Intelligent Transportation Industry Market Analysis

Experienced "Twelve-Five" rapid development of intelligent transportation industry investment growing at an average annual speed of more than 25%. By the end of 2015, intelligent transportation integrated market size in China exceeded 65 billion. Intelligent transportation industries overall innovation capacity, the market competition level, the application of technological achievements, and continue to improve, overall development of the industry in good shape.
2016 is the "Thirteen-Five" starting year. In the past year, intelligent transportation industry continues to practice in China, overall layout, the Internet of things and large data unabated, sharing economic eye. Also have national policies and strong drive, meet the needs of China's economic and social development, around the "Thirteen-Five" transport development planning the implementation of intelligent transportation technologies, industries and marketing distribution and development in the various areas.

Data received unprecedented attention
The implementation programme of the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of transport to determine among its several projects emphasize the data, first is the road to strengthen perception of wisdom, and the second is public open data projects. Data center engineering, marine pilot project, all data collection issues. Even though technology and software technology was again high, no data source software can't count.
World Congress stressed that all these years, our nation's limited, but very fast, that is, high-precision map. Some places simply high-speed range, on the development of this, nothing to do with other facilities, also avoid policies. Although some companies are doing, but we have a map here, as long as you do it, a public, interviews right now, our big companies, map company was interviewed--you're collecting high-precision map violations. So we went to find Department of map management.

Intelligent driving driving progress at the international level with the team very quickly
Internationally, the smart car queue and ECU drives have to experiment, why? key is the dominant effect, is energy efficient. Intelligent queue in driving the trucks, buses did not get it, why they make trucks? is the most important fuel, Paas data from measurement, headway between 2 m-10 m, it can do more than 10% of fuel saving, truck fuel economy 5% to 10% are very very, dominant benefit is very prominent. Intelligent Transportation and no commercial support is always on technology. This now 2016 in Europe a priority, specifically state projects, transport ministers together in specially made money trucks queue form, and they do the data under the most adverse conditions can reach 5%, well 12%. Experimental data have shown in Europe and America.
Now many car cooperative, after lots of intelligent transport technology to simplify, head of car does, follow after on the line, not in violation under modern regulations. Now says automatic driving, always had said the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of law, like the developed countries, can only test cannot be used. But the queue can be used, vertical tracking, automatic cruise now no one cares nor violation, avoid regulatory restrictions.

Cooperative nearing practical
A trend in the international, MaaS is now thought to, the original cooperative extension system.

On the issue of automatic driving
Automatic and intelligent driving, automatic driving technology will take time, it is worth exploring.

Ministry of transport and new developments
On the issue of cooperative, late last year the Ministry of transport to determine the first advance the wisdom of highway construction, the second next-generation traffic control network. Late November to early December last year decided that organizations operating vehicle automated driving and road operations together. First, the 2017 we make public the operation of the motor vehicle safety technical conditions imposed in 2018, this put a lot of intelligent things written in it, because passenger cars contradiction much problem. For commercial vehicles, especially buses of the national force, what must be done, you can go. With this support, to develop autonomous and cooperative technology and industrial quality. Commercial vehicles, taxis, cars, passenger cars are hidden inside. Automatic driving and second to develop cooperative standards, this has started, to establish a national cooperative operating vehicle automated driving and car test base. Preparing operation cooperative test vehicle automated driving and car specifications, what indicators measure, the Ministry of transport express concept is very clear, judging is a car, traffic, is a personal choice, but involves a lot of issues that are available, operating vehicle safety conditions must be there.

Discussion of future traffic intelligence
"Twelve-Five" during three project, a study on the layout of the new national traffic control network is the State Council, and the second is a study on the development and Reform Commission, and the third is the State major science and technology projects, 03-special topic.
Through these studies, the future of intelligent transport pilot, not just stared at the traffic management that now, operations management, signs and markings, so that the entire future of the intelligent way wide, many techniques can pack in.

Vision of the future of intelligent road traffic
Its vision is that in three directions, is not a pure technology, is a real vision. Reducing accidents and increase its capacity for efficient resource allocation.
Brief analysis of the policy environment
1. the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of communications to promote "Internet +" convenient traffic, promoting the development of intelligent transportation
To promote traffic and the depth of the Internet integration, promote the development of intelligent transportation, national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of transport issued on August 5, the promoting "Internet +" of the convenient transportation promotes the implementation of its development programmes. Intelligent traffic this is my first time to post the overall framework and implementation plan, reflect innovation-driven development strategy in the field of transportation, pointed out the direction for ITS future development in China, and on ITS development in China is of great significance.
Programme for the implementation of a list of 27 "Internet +" convenient key demonstration projects, respectively, 7 infrastructure, 13 functional applications, 1 offline butt, 3-enterprise cooperation, 1 traffic new formats and 2 typical urban projects. 27 intelligent transportation demonstration project will be the next 5-10 years construction of key projects.
2. the Department of Transportation Office of the open sharing of data resources on advancing transportation industry opinion
As a follow-up to the countries on the promotion of development and management of Government information sharing requirements, tap the data value of the transportation sector, using data, use data decisions with data, data management, innovation, improve management and service level, and promote the transformation and upgrading of industry quality efficiency and made suggestions. Plans by 3-5 time, to achieve the following three objectives:
(1) establish institutional mechanisms for open sharing of data resources, establish a coordinated and efficient operation of industry data resource management system.
(2) improve the industry data resources sharing system, establishing interconnection industry data resources sharing platform.
(3) precise scientific decision-making, governance, service and other key demand, carried out a number of cross-sectoral and trans-regional, multidisciplinary collaborative pilot.