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Application Of Machine Vision In The Field Of Security
- Jan 03, 2009 -

Application of machine vision in the field of security
Intelligent video analysis technology refers to computer image analysis technology, artificial intelligence of computer image technology (AI,ArtificialIntelligent), branch of study, it could establish a mapping between the image and the image description, which enables a computer to digital image processing and analysis to understand video content. Video surveillance intelligent video technology mainly referred to in is "automatically analyze and extract key information from the video source".
If the camera as the eye, the intelligent video system or device can be viewed as the human brain. Powerful data processing by computer of intelligent video functionality, by scenario background and goal of separation, and then analyze and track targets that appear in the camera scene, high-speed analysis of the video images of the massive amounts of data, filtering information users don't care, just to monitor key information provided useful.
Intelligent video solution programme to digital, and network video monitoring for based, user can according to video content analysis function, through in different camera of scene in the preset different of alarm rules, system recognition different of objects, while recognition target behavior whether meet these rules, once target in scene in the appeared has violation scheduled meaning rules of behavior, system can to most fast and best of way issued alert and provides useful information, to can more effective of assist security personnel processing crisis, Reduce the possibility of false positives and false negatives, and to improve the monitoring of regional security capacity.
Intelligent Visual analysis technology in security field of important role is undoubtedly of, has widely of application prospects, can application in police, and judicial, and traffic, and education, and financial, mainstream industry application, like crossroads, and highway, and parking, and airport, traffic scene; like military base, and Bank, military scene monitoring, and national important sector and people daily of places; like Tiananmen Square, and railway station, sensitive of public occasions monitoring, Related intelligent Visual analysis products also with technology of development constantly to refinement, like people face recognition than on system, police organ built people face recognition than on system, established people face capture database, will people face information archive, and and personal identity established relationship, in actual using process in the used people face search, and blacklist deployment, and strangers recognition, more items intelligent analysis function, greatly improve video monitoring of prevention effect, can let criminals no can undetected.
Due to the intelligent and Visual analysis of HD products have not been really popular, community monitoring layout does not improve, there is specific to certain industries, are far from universal, only in large quantities using HD cameras, increasing captures clear, frontal face the possibility of better practical results. In addition, need for public security and enterprises to strengthen cooperation and increase deployment density of monitoring points. Due to the deployment of a large number of monitoring points would bring huge amounts of video, need to focus on application of intelligent video analysis technology, the rational use of technology, human-machine cooperation, technical strengths, which assists the investigation officer.