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Application Of Infrared Thermal Image Technology In The Field Of Security
- Sep 14, 2013 -

Photoelectric information, electronics, Internet communications, digital video, multimedia and development of sensor technology, security monitoring technology from traditional analog to highly integrated digital, intelligent, networked. With the increase of the demand of the market, almost in modern high-tech security monitoring systems are used or will be used. Modern sensor technology in the rapid development of infrared thermal imaging technology has begun to receive applications in the security system. Our human eyes can feel infrared thermal imaging at visible wavelengths as: 0.38-0.78 micrometer. Usually we will be more than 0.78 μm long electromagnetic wave called infrared. In nature, everything infra-red radiation, so target measured by detectors infrared difference between itself and the background, you can get different infrared images, known as thermal image. Same target thermal image and optical image is different, it is not the human eye can see the visible light images, but images of surface temperature distribution, or, infrared thermal imaging is the human eye cannot see the temperature distribution on the surface of the target, representatives of the human eye can see surface temperature distribution of thermal images. Features all natural temperature of infrared thermal imaging in absolute zero (-273 degrees Celsius) above the object will emit infrared, infrared (or radiation) is the most extensive radiation exists in nature. Atmosphere, clouds absorb visible and near-infrared, and 3~5 μm and 8~14 μm infrared is transparent. Therefore, these two bands known as the infra-red "window". We use both Windows, can be completely without light at night, or in the cloud-strewn environment, able to clearly observe the situation ahead. Because of this characteristic, night of infrared thermal imaging technology can be used in security monitoring and forest fire monitoring system. Infrared thermal imaging infrared thermal imaging technology, infrared radiation to detect objects, and by means of photoelectric conversion, signal processing and target temperature distribution images into video equipment, called infrared thermal imager. Infrared thermal imager can be divided into the cooled and uncooled-type. Cooling type thermal sensitivity of high complex structures are generally used for military purposes and not cooling below the cooling sensitivity, but its performance has been able to meet most military applications and almost all of the civilian areas. Because they do not require refrigeration, Uncooled infrared imaging device can * and value for money compared to the refrigerant type high.