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Analysis Of Development Prospect Of Security Technologies New Trends In The Industry
- Aug 26, 2012 -

For now, the security industry as a branch of electronic information industry, including video monitoring account for more than half of them also include alarm and operation services, access control, intercom, as well as physical protection for products in the traditional sense, and so on. In recent years with security needs constantly upgrade, as promoted security industry development important power of security technology, with with "Internet +" development, traditional security technology more of Fusion has artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, and big data, and real networking, and mobile interconnected, technology, rendering out diversified of development, this also promoted has security products of diversification, security application has extends to intelligent home, and intelligent traffic, and intelligent medical, and wisdom city, field. Driven by technology, security extension of radial growth. Next with the further integration of Internet technology and traditional security, security applications will be extended to more areas.

In the field of video surveillance, in addition to mobile phones, personal computers and industrial inspection in addition to computer vision in intelligent security is also the emergence of new forms of application, Beijing in 2016 in CPSE, the monitor Giants have showed products based on deep learning, monitoring field again a new development opportunity.

Technical in traditional of computer Visual figure as recognition process in the, features and learning is separate of two a part, and in depth learning of times, features completely is based on data to drive, and to learning out of, it and traditional way of maximum different is: put features and learning fusion up into features learning, this actually is with based on depth learning of features said instead of original cumbersome of pretreatment, and features extraction and features select and learning of process.

Today, deep learning makes the whole image a earth-shaking changes have taken place in the field, the field of security greatly benefits, is a popular technology for face recognition. Face recognition based on the person's facial features information for identification, mainly through pictures or video stream camera with face and picture or face detection and video capture, facial feature extraction to achieve capture one face and face than on the technologies in the database. There are enterprise launched the face have been supervised system, can be adapted to the various transport links, accommodation, intelligent buildings, a large chain of shopping malls, safe city, and so on, have human faces have been supervised, in order to search, user management and other core business functions.

In the field of building intercom, many security, automation and control technology can be combined with building intercom realization linkage, the more common security and weak electronic systems video surveillance, burglar alarms, fire, building automatic control, elevator control, ... ... Based on "integration and linkage" advantages, many intercom manufacturers offer for the intelligence community, smart home service and innovative products.

Because of the diversity of user requirements and security requirements continue to grow, building intercom also presents a wide range of technology and the development trend of integrated. Current building intercom system needs to meet the market demand for innovation, adding new features, so integrating access control, identification, alarm function intercom system will become the inevitable trend of building intercom technology.

With the mobile Internet and the development of intelligent Terminal, adapt to the mobile application "cloud talk" is a necessity. In smart phones, tablet computers become part of people's lives today, in the mobile phone implementing intercom extension function on meet the habits of most people, and expand the use of space, enhancing the user experience. "Cloud talk" appears to reduce user reliance on intercom indoor unit, indoor unit can be simplified to reduce the system cost.

In the field of access control, access management industry, "third party payments" is still a novelty, but business has a strong "correlation". Online payment is the end-consumer market of business areas, and access management for the security industry's end could pay for the Terminal to provide convenient and efficient services, binding the two will create the new access management industry business area.

Addition, access a cartoon aspects, with access software of stability and the can integrated sex increasingly high, future of access system will is a integrated control security platform, which General read device can for identification personnel whether right to access, dang General read device collection entered data, and save in controller or server in the of data for than on Shi, data consistent is release, common of General read device main has password type, and reader, and near field communications technology NFC, and phone APP recognition, II dimension code,.

In terms of parking management, involved in implementing intelligent parking license plate recognition technology, RFID technology, data technology and mobile payment technology.

In the mobile Internet, cloud computing, networking, fuelled by new technologies such as artificial intelligence, will quickly upgrade the access management industry. Access management industry in the future will no longer be a single product competition test Enterprise comprehensive capacity of competition. Particularly in intellectual property management and travel of the civilian security market, front-end products through Internet connection devices and intelligent management platform to build cloud services as the core of the smart home, socialization of the intelligence community and intelligence business access management ecosystem.

In anti-theft alarm field, in increasingly hot of "Internet +" boom in the, alarm equipment manufacturers and has regional influence of alarm service operators also began in increasingly fierce of industry competition situation Xia banner "Internet +" and "big data" on both sides big flag, traditional of alarm enterprise in to "Internet +" transformation of road almost are around with "community of", and "O2O+ Mall" of mode, while Visual of, and simple of, and open sex platform is 2016 professional alarm of mainstream. In shops, businesses and other channel alarm service (that is, the majority of mainstream network alarm services) will be subjected to more severe tests in the next year, its direction should be conducted on the basis of the existing diversity and individuality needs to explore and meet, in order to adapt to changes in the market and environmental impact. Meanwhile, on the platform construction and upgrading, should be considered to be more open and compatible, and synchronization platform for a variety of extensions, such as personal safety, product safety, security, health and safety, and so on various forms of localization based services.