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2017 Development Trend Of Biometric Identification Technology
- Mar 17, 2016 -

"We tend to look at new things from the framework of old things." Our vision of the future, in fact, will distort the new things, so that it adapts to the things we know. "
1903, in order to retain DC power as the United States Power distribution standards, Thomas Edison last beat, using 6600 kv AC power to a circus elephant to implement electric shocks. The infamous performance was purely to spread panic (in fact, the high voltage DC is equally dangerous), but ended in failure. After 100 years today, our power grids are mainly used for AC power.
A few days ago, an article entitled "Why Internet banks cannot open full-featured accounts remotely?" triggered a heated discussion. In this paper, the biometric identification is not suitable for bank remote account from information security, technology application scenario angle, if the full-function Bank settlement account with access is required, the user still has to go to bank outlets in person. At the same time, the article also shows the "tragic lesson of the massive leakage of biometric information" as an example of the Citizen Information Disclosure event in South Korea 2014.
As an industry observer, the author firmly believes that factual disclosure should be made to readers rather than misleading. The author believes that this paper is biased, the cited South Korean case is irrelevant. This event is the 2014 Korea credit card company's outsourcing company responsible for illegally collecting and illegal operation, resulting in a large number of personal credit card information leaked, and biometric identification and remote account does not have any relationship.
Biometric technology has matured
In fact, biometric technology has matured in the world, and China is now a leading position. and biometric identification for bank remote account has been regulated in many countries abroad, the People's Bank, the Ministry of Public Security and other regulatory agencies are continuing to study the demonstration, I believe that the right time will be open. In order to record straight, we must answer the following questions: Is it possible to apply biometric identification to a bank remote account? Is it safe to protect?
Biometric recognition technology is a general term, in fact, including human face, fingerprint, iris, voice, eye veins, veins and other human biological characteristics of identification. First of all, the identification technology in the accuracy of the difference, but it is far higher than the human eye recognition of 97.52% levels. Iris, vein and other identification methods are used in the bank vault encryption and airport immigration management and other scenes, regardless of the rate of misunderstanding or refused to truthful has reached a near-zero probability. Second, the composite recognition method is the main application trend, and the single recognition method can further ensure accuracy. Thirdly, most biometric technologies have realized "live recognition", that is, to ensure that you are real people, not photographs, videos, rubbing and so on, it is also a key to prevent criminals from intercepting biometric information and conducting "replay attacks". Finally, the combination of biometrics and artificial intelligence, cloud computing is the trend of technology development, with the expansion of application scenes, people's Cognitive awareness of ascension, so that biometric recognition of the future has a greater imagination space.
China has been a world leader in biometrics. The "Strongest Brain" program in the past, Baidu "small robot" out of the limelight, in the field of biometric recognition of the two human "strongest brain"-Wang Feng and "Water elder brother" Wang Yuheng, in the process even including twins recognition, cross-age recognition, from the collective photo to identify the monomer and other difficult subjects. Another technology giant Alibaba has gained the world's attention in the field of biometric recognition. Shortly after the release of MIT Technology Review ("MIT Science and Technology Review") (the magazine was founded in 1899, has been in the history of 110 years, is the first American professional Science and Technology Review magazine.) In the 2017, the top ten breakthrough technology was selected, in which Alibaba "brush face payment" and "intensive learning" occupy two seats. "As the first world of on-line face recognition technology, China's face recognition technology accuracy and security has reached the level of financial transactions," The MIT Review of Science and Technology said. "
There are many precedents for biometrics
Internationally, the United States, Western Europe, Japan and other countries and regions have allowed full-featured bank accounts to open a remote way, and has been operating steadily over the years, such as the United States Network Bank ING Direct remote open accounts for more than 30 million, Australian Ubank and British direct. In the field of biometric applications, the British Atom Bank has become the world's first application of face recognition technology to authenticate customer identity, for customers to open the bank; new users of the Bank of Korea can use intravenous identification technology as a means of authentication to open an account in unmanned outlets. In the bank account login, access and payment and other links, biometric technology has been very common, Citigroup, Barclays, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, such as the world's big line has opened the relevant functions for the user.
Many domestic banks have also allowed users to login to the account through fingerprint identification, Merchants Bank (19.170,0.15,0.79%) is the introduction of face recognition login. A number of banks have been able to open accounts in internal tests through biometric identification, but limited to policy reasons, they are temporarily unable to disclose, according to insider sources.
The significance of the biometric identification of bank remote account
Development is always accompanied by innovation, and banking is no exception. From the earliest passbook and other bills, to the ATM, credit cards in the last century, to this century online transfers, mobile phone payments. It's hard to imagine how bad it will be to leave these innovations in everyday life. The most pressing problem for today's banking industry is to find a safe and convenient way to identify the people (43.990,0.49,1.13%) to solve the problem of "How to prove Me".
Recently, the experience of friends and banks to deal with the author deeply touched. In order to give a more than 80-year-old serious illness in bed for the mother to apply for disability subsidies, need to personally to the city designated bank outlets cabinet open account. Drive to the bank outlets door, please bank teller in the car gathering information is also not, must strictly abide by the literal meaning, requiring sick mother dragged a causative agent also "pro cabinet." Bank teller safety compliance is understandable, but we only hope that "let the data more to run, let the people less to run" the bank can come soon.
For urban dwellers, it is even more pressing for rural areas. Rural areas perennial financial services are not universal, this is a lack of banking outlets in the countryside, farmers are difficult to handle the banking business directly related. In the last year G20 issued the "digital Pratt-Hui Financial Advanced principles" explicitly put forward the "Strengthening of digital financial services Customer Identification" principle, the advantage of biometric recognition is that "it provides a unique opportunity to skip traditional and paper-based authentication modes, create a stable and efficient identity system, and reach a scale that has not been reached before." "I believe that with the development of technology, rural people will someday be able to enjoy the same financial services at home as city dwellers through biometric identification technology."
Biometric identification has been knocking at the bank's future door, please do not ignore it. Financial innovations are always accompanied by risks, as long as people who know little about finance are aware. Even the bank cabinet face is operating risk, not to mention deliberate and malignant cases. To this end, the CBRC issued in June 2015 the "on strengthening the internal control of banking financial institutions, effective prevention of the operational risk of cabinet." At the same time, biometric technology has been recognized by the financial regulators. December 2015, the People's Bank issued a circular on improving the personal bank account service, strengthening account management, and supporting biometric identification technology to open individual bank accounts and to use biometric technology as a means of verifying the identity of depositors.
Nowadays, biometric reliability is far beyond the human eye, and as the rapid upgrading of technology iterations, the future trend will be more evident. With the scientific demonstration of the supervisory department, the biometric identification is expected to be used for remote account opening. After all, the public opinion is not violated, innovation will not wait.