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2016 Video Surveillance Industry Four Powerful Technologies
- Jan 10, 2017 -

4K: "small details" of the intelligent monitor
As long as it is and image or video-related areas, we see a 4K figure, such as cell phones, cameras, computer monitors, flat screen computer, and so on. According to research, the global security industry ultra HD (more than 4 million pixels) by 2018, the market growth of more than 5 times, thanks to the high resolution, wide angle and high codec video system characteristics, 4K will share with its unique advantages in the majority.
At present, the HD technology is mainly used in 4K railway station, "small details" environment, in addition to achieving more wide angle surveillance, 4K wealth of detail also allow departments to share information, not to set up multiple cameras in order to see the different areas to reach cost-saving purposes.
Coding: from H.264 to H.265
In addition to collecting data on the front end, video monitoring also requires codec on the back end, intelligent analysis, although the main remains of H.264 technology currently on the market, but its coding efficiency potential had been excavated out when unable to meet demand from HD to intelligently, in this case, are considered 4K coding--H.265 came into being in the future.
Some people say that H.265 would boost security industry reaches a new height for good reason, whether user costs or profit margins are great fun. As with previous H.264 technology, 4 2 million to save about 60Gx4x20=6T a month, which requires 2 3T hard disk and H.265 technology requires only: 30Gx4x20=2.4T, you only need 1 3T hard disk full can save a thousand Yuan level of monitoring hard drive!
Machine vision: making machines "see" the target identification
Machine vision is a branch of artificial intelligence, one of the most applications in the semiconductor and electronics industries in foreign countries, and now, with "world manufacturing center" identity became one of the most active areas in machine vision applications, and the explosive growth in 2010.
Simply put, machine vision is to use machines instead of human eyes to make measurements and judgments, consumed by the image taking device targets into image signals. Intake targets, target recognition and stable tracking method is one of the key factors of the development of machine vision, it has been widely used in many fields, such as face recognition, intelligent traffic management, vehicle testing, car park management, and other applications, such as license plate recognition.
With the core of the camera video surveillance system is one of the representatives of machine vision applications, are now widely used in security, transport, buildings, industry and other industries, machine vision and optimistic growth will bring good prospects to video surveillance.
Star camera: find the darkness of sin in
As we all know, dimly lit environment easy to hide dangerous suspects, often in this type of crime, and video monitoring as a major facility security and forensics, its image in the fading environment was the focus of everyone's attention.
As security monitoring products on the market the past two years, Starlight cameras contrasted with only displays black and white images, camera, in the absence of any auxiliary light environment can show clear color images. Low light Imaging is starting to develop and mature, more and more companies have rolled out various models of HD stars-level cameras.