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Three Sensor Camera

In simple terms, a three sensor camera employs a beam-splitting prism that separates the image from the lens into the three primary colors, red, green and blue. The resultant red, green and blue images are delivered discretely to the three separate sensors. Each of those three sensors has the same number of equally spaced pixels.
And we offer user-friendly solutions to match any application. The stylish style housing is easy to install and IP66-rated weather and tampering resistant for indoor and outdoor applications. The cameras are ONVIF conformant, facilitating their successful integration with any open platform solution on the market.
This three sensor camera allows integrators to easily mount one camera to take the place of three or more camera installations, outdoor or indoors.
In addition, it offers protection against windblown dust, salt spray, rain, hose-directed water, and damage from external ice formation.
Border defense, railway & expressway security, seaport & airport security, city security, forest fire prevention, river & lake monitoring.
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