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Multi Sensor Camera

With auto-focus lenses standard, these cameras are the perfect solution for wide area surveillance plus plenty of resolution to zoom in for details. In addition, our technology provides multiple views from a single video stream, making many cameras in one.
Installation is easy, reliable and cost-efficient. The camera comes in a stylish and discreet design with easily removable weather shield that protects against rain, snow and sunlight and allows for easy blending in with the environment. Thanks to the panoramic view, multi sensor camera can be a solution where a complete coverage of a large area is required in high detail, with an efficient one-camera installation.
The multi sensor camera provides video with unparalleled streaming performance, smoothly capturing movement in high detail.
The camera is outdoor-ready with protection against the ingress of dust and high pressure water jets from any direction (IP66 rating). In addition, it offers protection against windblown dust, salt spray, rain, hose-directed water, and damage from external ice formation.
With Multi sensor cameras, users can monitor and cover challenging environments that often require multiple cameras to deliver superb image detail. Sensors can be adjusted for almost any viewing angle to ensure coverage meets your specific needs.
With the proficiency of this field, we are capable to present an extensive range of multi sensor camera. Foshvision Technology is one of the leading multi sensor camera manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy product for sale with cheap price from our factory here.
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