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Analog IR Camera

These analog IR cameras have superior quality of range. It can change its sensitivity according to low light or bright light. It can see at all angles with the voice recording system in it.Featured by easy to install, high resolution, auto white balance.
The entire video surveillance system is divided into a front-end video capture device, a mid-end transmission processing device, and a back-end display viewing device.
The analog camera we call is a front-end video capture device. The analog camera outputs an analog video signal. The encoder can convert the analog video signal generated by the video capture device into a digital signal and store it in a computer.
The video signal captured by the analog camera must be converted to a digital mode by a specific video capture card and compressed before being converted to a computer for use.
Analog camera is closed circuit, can only be monitored inside not remotely. Video data can only be stored locally or remotely, and is not easily destroyed by criminals. The analog camera should be connected to the DVR.
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