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Why choose uncooled thermal camera?
- Jul 18, 2018 -


Cooled thermal imaging camera have more advantages than uncooled thermal imaging cameras. The main difference is that the former uses cooled detector, while the latter use uncooled detector.  However, uncooled thermal imaging cameras are more expensive. The new cooling camera has an integrated chiller imaging sensor that reduces the sensor temperature to the cooling temperature. It is necessary to reduce the thermal induced noise to a lower noise level than the imaged image signal by lowering the sensor temperature.

The moving parts in the chiller have extremely precise mechanical differences that wear over time and the helium gas slowly seeps through the gas seal. Eventually, the chiller must be reworked after 10,000-13,000 hours of operation.

Why choose cooled thermal camera?

The answer is: depending on the purpose.

If you want to master subtle temperature differences, you need the best image quality, or for fast/high speed applications. If you want to see the thermal characteristics of a very small target or measure its temperature, if you want to be very specific in the electromagnetic spectrum. Some of the thermal phenomena are visualized, or if you want to use the camera in sync with other measuring equipment, the thermal imaging camera is the ideal choice.

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