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What is laser night vision camera?
- Jun 07, 2018 -

Since 2000, the digital surveillance market has developed rapidly. A number of emerging digital surveillance product manufacturers have been established in China. Night vision technologies represented by digital security products should develop rapidly in response to market demand.

Low-light CCD camera cannot meet the night vision requirements, making the monitoring system immediately "blindness" at night, Foshvision Technolgoy created a mature and accessible laser infrared night vision system that bridged the gap and become the leader of night surveillance.

Foshvision Technology Co., Ltd is a leading thermal imaging camera and laser night vision system supplier and manufacturer, as well as a relying Academician Surveillance Engineering Technology Research Center in China.

Laser night vision camera integrates laser infrared illuminator, high definition camera and pan-tilt together, which can obtain clear images in 0 LUX, pan-tilt can rotate 360°, PTZ control.


Major Componets:


Laser illuminator-MCIC patent technology

Using patented technology, the interference of the light source is eliminated, the distance of the probe is farther, and the light spot can continuously change. In the process of spot change, the edge is always clear, the light spot is even and delicate, and there is no speckle dark ring within the spot.


Professional Pan Tilt Manufacture

PTZ is a support device for installing and fixing a camera. Under the action of control signals, it can be rotated horizontally and vertically to expand the monitoring range of the camera. According to the different loading capacity, the PTZ can be divided into light, medium and heavy heads.


Stable laser power driver circuit

The laser power supply circuit adopts a constant current source to drive the slow power supply technology, which improves the circuit's anti-interference ability, reduces the ripple noise, effectively suppresses the power surge, ensures the pure and safe power supply of the laser, and effectively controls the circuit Fixed mode noise and dark current effects reduce the current surge damage to the laser and extend the life of the laser.

1) Integrate laser illuminator, hd ip cam and ptz together
2) Night vision 400m, low light color to black camera, can realize 24hrs continuous monitoring
3) 20x optical zoom, support day/night auto switch, back light compensation, wide dynamic range, auto white balance, auto gain control, auto explosion control
4) Adopts near infrared lighting system which is not easy to be detected 2~50°sync zoom
5) 360°rotation ptz, pan speed 0~80°/s, tilt speed 0~60°/s
6) Built-in high-performance video process chip and H.264 video coding, support HD resolution video image
7) Dual-stream function, short delay time; fully satisfy different network environment during practical applications
8) Rich network protocols and good network adaptability, can satisfy all kinds of network environment
9) Has wiper which can clean the camera window timely
10) Wide voltage input, lower power consumption, suitable to be powered by solar panels
11) IP66 international protection
12) Professional shell design, smart shape and low weight, can bear high temperature, anti-corrosion, water resistance and acid rain resistance

Nowadays, it is wildly used in "safe city" project, school/campus, enterprises and public security, prisons and military, police, highways, railways, harbors, oil fields, airport monitoring etc.

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