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Hand Held Camera

The hand held camera combines the advantages of various infrared camera products in the world. The newly developed product is a high-end industrial detection type infrared camera that combines infrared, visible light and laser indication. The detection sensitivity is high, the image is clear, the temperature measurement is accurate, and the reliability is good.
Thermal imaging cameras are the perfect tool to improve troubleshooting. Designed for harsh environments, this high-performance, full-radiation camera is ideal for troubleshooting electrical installations, electromechanical equipment, process equipment, HVAC/R equipment, and more.
Improve accuracy and usability by adjustable emissivity, markable hot cold spot temperature and optional palette.
Easy to operate, thumb-press navigation, simple and intuitive interface.
Easy to store, thermal images and visual images can be saved to generate reports and print.
This infrared imaging device is professional, precision and efficient.
With full angle high resolution color screen, easy to see the screen.
Perfect for electrician, maintenance personnel and technicians to find the problem quickly.
Built-in CCD camera with 40s voice annotation and temperature alarm.
Video/audio/USB output with built-in flash memory, SD card and software for free.
Widely used in many fields, such as fire fighting, archaeology, traffic, agriculture, energy, smelting, electronic manufacture etc.
With the proficiency of this field, we are capable to present an extensive range of hand held camera. Foshvision Technology is one of the leading hand held camera manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy product for sale with cheap price from our factory here.
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